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I’m on the Tim Ferriss podcast — talking my new book, growth hacking, metaverse, creator economy, and more

Hi readers,

My first book — The Cold Start Problem — is out next week!!! The countdown begins. You can preorder it here as hard cover, kindle, or audiobook. And yes, I recorded the audiobook myself.

I have a bit more more audio today to talk about as well… When I first moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2007, I was introduced to Tim Ferriss at a dinner — before he wrote 4 Hour Work Week, before his podcast, when we were both getting started. We lived not too far from each other — I was in an apartment with roommates in Bernal Hill. I remember visiting his place and checking out these weird cannonballs with handles on them — kettlebells — and talking about how he was going to launch his book.

Years later, it’s been awesome to follow his success and today, something new:

I’m on his podcast — The Tim Ferriss Show — for the first time. The episode was just released this morning. You can listen to it on Apple PodcastsSpotifyOvercastPodcast AddictPocket CastsStitcherCastboxGoogle PodcastsAmazon Music, or on your favorite podcast platform.

A couple of the topics we talk about:

  • “Growth hacking” and how it became popular
  • The history of marketing — coupons, direct marketing versus brand, and more
  • Games and the future of the Metaverse
  • The magic of Bay Area tech companies
  • The creator economy
  • Web3 and how it’ll impact consumer startups
  • The Cold Start Problem and what it was like to write it

I hope you enjoy!

(Back from a long road trip from Zion, Bryce, Sedona, etc over Thanksgiving)

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